Hi Internet,

this is Vlad writing and welcome to my corner of Internet where I share things about Software Engineering in particular and Computer Science in general.

I’m not that big on talking about myself, so I’m just gonna keep it short and to the point:

Q: Who are you, Vlad?

A: Just a man on this planet, currently living in Germany and working as a software engineer. I love learning new things and challenging myself with new endeavours, especially when it comes to Computer Science and Technology. I also like travelling and exploring new places.

Check my Linkedin (English) profile should you want to learn more about the professional Vlad.

Fell free to have a look at the GitHub profile should you be interested into my commits.

Q: Why a blog?

A: I always wanted to have one, but I never had the time, or the inspiration, to put one together and keep it up to date. Because I do not give up that easily, I said to myself it was time to give it another chance.

Q: What will you be blogging about?

A: Mainly about Software Engineering / Computer Science and should the muses be on my side about life and co.

Happy reading and c ya on the net!