There is no better time than now, or at least this is what they say and I kind of tend to agree with it. If I wanted to really stretch it, I would say that the best time was yesterday and the next best time is now.

This applies also to learning, especially learning and even more so if you are in the Information Technology / Computer Science field, as I am.

Because I am currently enjoying some free time from work and having even less distractions as before, please read Coronavirus (COVID-19), I decided to tackle different subjects or start/continue with different projects and areas of interests, which up until now didn’t get the time they really deserved.

So in this short post I will list some of the things I took upon myself, maybe some of them will rise your interest too. This list will most likely change, but currently this is what I’m keeping myself busy with:

Preparing for Java 8 OCP exam
Preparing for Spring Professional Certification exam
Working through Coursera Software Architecture and Design Specialization
Working through Pluralsight Domain Driven Design Path
following up with Eric Evans’s and Vaughn Vernon’s books
Getting acquainted with the vim text editor
Going through the missing semester of your CS education
Working through BDD with Cucumber (Java)

This is just a top 7, but much more is in the pipeline. It is kind of overwhelming if you think at all the possibilities to educate yourself and to boost your carreer. With so many online platforms offering education, more or less for free, it is a shame not to try out one or two things…or seven ;)

Do take a look at Coursera, Udemy, edX, The Linux Foundation, MIT Open Learning. You are in for a treat!

Happy learning!